The realization of a personalized study of the electrical consumption of your facilities (energy audit) is essential to be able to improve energy efficiency. This preliminary study, carried out by our qualified personnel, aims to improve energy efficiency in your company with the corresponding savings in your monthly electricity bill.

Through a report we show you the possible measures to take (a custom-made suit) to optimize the electricity consumption in your company. If the improvement requires an investment, it will always be accompanied by the rate of return (IRR) so that it can evaluate its implementation. We firmly believe in total transparency towards our clients and for this reason you always have the final say in carrying out a total or partial implementation of the measures proposed by our experts.


  • Detect the current energy consumption.
  • Identify where and how energy is consumed and the factors that affect its consumption.
  • Improve the contracting of electricity through the monitoring of consumption by quarter of an hour.
  • Eliminate energy losses
  • Maximize the efficiency of the installation.
  • Evaluate opportunities for energy diversification and its impact on energy costs.

  • Reduction of energy costs through the optimization of energy consumption.
  • Increase in the useful life of the equipment.
  • Increase in competitiveness
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